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The simplest, most ordinary documentary picture becomes a great truth about human fate ... 

~ Zofia Rydet

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever … It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

~ Aaron Siskind

most recent

triangle friends of the african american arts ~ january 2020 black theatre review

cast fire ~ john westmorland "cast fire" CD release

after 18 years zenovia and her daughter, jacqueline, reunite at rdu (for cws)

cypress bayou, louisiana ~ dec 25, 2019

texas avenue before dawn ~ shreveport, december 2019

gloria & steve & bruce depyssler ~ bossier city, december 2019

the glorifying vine sisters at the fruit, durham 12.09.2019

Steve dePyssler ~ Mission Support Bldg, Nov 2019

dry lake bistineau louisiana ~ nov 2019

shreveport fairgrounds thru the fence ~ nov 2019

doyline, louisiana ~ november, 2019

American Institute of Pakistan Studies - Digital Humanities Program

vivid emporium men's fall collection ~ 10.12.2019

goof balls inc. ~ 9.23.2019

vivid male model shoot ~ 9.25.2019

helsinki train station ~ rautatieasema jarnvagsstation (09.2019)

helsinki, finland (09.2019)

barranco mostly (lima, peru) ~ 8.2019

in & around surquillos market #2, lima, peru ~ 8.2019

on avenida angamo (miraflores/lima, peru) ~ 8.2019

yipes ~ kadi does vivid accessories

dad's 100th ~ 7.19.2019 (photos by mike kaplan)

blood at the root ~ 7.25.2019

jake xerxes fussell 'out of sight' cd release ~ 7.11.2019 duke gardens

tuatha dea ~ cat's cradle 6.29.2019

celebrating alberta dolan's 100th

I Wish I Knew - John Westmoreland "Cast Fire" CD release

Thomas ~ John Westmoreland "Cast Fire" CD release

Wild Over Me ~ John Westmoreland "Cast Fire" CD release

durham refugee day at central park ~ 06.23.2019

diali cissokho & kaira ba at the haw river ballroom ~ 6.2.2019

at home with team USA boxer Keyshawn Davis ~ 6.8.2019

haw river by drone (in progress) ~ 6.9.2019

dandelions at midnight ~ 06.01.2019

mariam kamara ... a while ago ~ 5.25.2019

beauty & the beast ~ 05.15.2019

che apalache ~ carrboro arts center 4.26.2019

Hari Tum Haro ~ An Homage to #MeToo (11.26.18)

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” — Ralph Hattersley

Two refugees and an immigrant tell their stories ~ for Church World Service's "Durham Refugee Day," June 23 (5.01.2019)

Safia ~ Afghanistan

Serguei ~ Cuba

Abubacar ~ Central African Republic

Live at the Kraken 2.27.2019 ~ 4 songs by Grand Shores

Will Ridenour on kora
Gabriel Pelli on acoustic guitar and violin

Song One ~ Elzic's Farewell

Song Two ~ Lampedusa

Song Three ~ Knew It Couldn't Last

Song Four ~ Kalaban Coura

They have nuclear weapons, but we have nuclear torbans (& guitars)

a house concert with Jurij Fedynskyj
&  John Westmoreland

the westmoreland songs


Weary Years


Wild Over Me (The Popular Wobbly)

the evening documented in its entirety 

part one ~ an introductory discussion: T-Bone Slim & the Ukrainian folk tradition

part two ~ Fednyskyj accompanied by Westmoreland

part three ~ Westmoreland accompanied by Fednyskyj

part four ~ Fednyskyj accompanied by Westmoreland

triangle friends of the african american arts ~ 01.20.2019

halloween on franklin st ~ 10.31.2018

sona jobarteh - arts center 10.19.2018

147 strings ~ jurij fedynskyj, diali cissokho & john westmoreland - pittsboro, nc 12.21.2018

complexions fashion show ~ 12.19.2018

no one is above the law! ~ 11.07.2018

"You can think of the photographs you've taken as a kind of autobiography." ~ Bruce dePyssler

austin piazzolla quintet ~ carrboro arts center 02.02.2019

locos por juana ~ shakori 10.6.2018

kaleta & super yamba band - shakori 10.6.2018

rio mira ~ arts center 10.13.2018

sam baker at the cat's cradle - 10.4.2018

"A picture is a poem .. without the words."  ~ Horace

las cafeteras at duke garden ~ 7.25.2018

tony, john & diali at the arcana (08.04.2018)

beware the sea monster - carrboro, 07.01.2018

a sunny day in the park

she runs, she swims, she rides a bicycle (kind of), and she does the funny walk

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” — Dorothea Lange

Judge Joe - A Life of Calm Purpose (Bull City Doc Squad/7.28.2018)

Temple Procession - Waking Lord Vishnu in the Temple of Sri Rangam, Leela School of Dance at the Sri Vankateshwara Temple in Cary, NC (Bull City Doc Squad/6.21.2018)

Salsa Xalel - Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba (dir. DL Anderson / NC cameras Bull City Doc Squad)

Bull City Doc Squad: Nothing but Love in God's Waters (final ver 11.16.2017)

"Great photographs record the truth of a moment not the way the photographer saw it, but the way the subjects actually lived it." ~ Bud Lee

valerie june at central park ~ 06.29.2018

beaufort, sc ~ may, 2018

kadiatu sports some lipstick ~ 5/12/2018

families belong together rally - chapel hill, nc 06.30.2018

sisters' circle at vivid emporium - 5.12.2018

Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba at the Cat's Cradle + Interview (Bull City Doc Squad)

Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba at the Cat's Cradle + Interview (Bull City Doc Squad)

Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba at the Cat's Cradle + Interview (Bull City Doc Squad)

Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba at the Cat's Cradle + Interview (Bull City Doc Squad)

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ~ Ansel Adams

kadi + dp ~ 7 in black & white (02.22.2018)

Diali Cissokho and Kaira Ba (promo) ~ 2.13.2018

omar sosa, seckou keita & gustavo ovalles ~ arts center (3.20.2018)

vieux farka toure ~ carrboro arts center (03.01.2018)

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” ~ Marc Riboud

on and around the nyc brooklyn bridge - 6.2017

organization for african students' interests and solidarity (unc fashion show) `~ 03.01.2018

kadiatu explores st helena island, sc - 11.2017

arcade + artist-bloc + sidewalk art + horus - 11.2017

around the shop (and then little sister discovers lightroom presets) ~ 2.25.2018

manhattan, around the flatiron bldg - 6.2017

“Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference.” ~ Robert Frank

a rainy day in flushing nyc - 6.2017

around queens - 6.2017

triangle friends of the african american arts ~ january 2018

brooklyn handball - 6.2017

subway, nyc - 6.2017

kwanzaa in cary ~ december 30, 2017

gullah - st. helena, sc - 11.2017

film simulations of anderson park carrboro on a sad december day

kadiatu + dp have a wonderful day ~ 11/8/2017 (by daniel hargrove)

tractor pull - white cross, nc 09.2017

big sister kadiatu + little sister mariam at vivid emporium - 10.2017

ma family christmas photos

oobleck! a non-newtonian fluid ~ 01-2018

backstage with the ricoh at the mama afrika fashion show - 09.23.2017

eclipse - sylva nc - august, 21 2017

dishoom - a bhangra dance party by dj rang @ motorco 7-2017 (as eric kim's ricoh porta 800/4 + tri-x 1600/4)

lydia loveless - 12.2017

lester coalbanks & the seven sorrows in saxahapaw ll 06.17.2017 (as ektar 25 warm)

jonathan byrd + the pickup cowboy @ saxahawpaw 7-2017 (as agfa ultra 50)

violet bell / lizzy ross @ saxahapaw 7/2017 (as fuji velvia 100--)

a gang of danville girls ll 05.13.2017

uma galera ~ shakori hills ll 05.07.2017

my dad grew up on chicago's 63rd street II 05.05.2017

curtis eller's american circus ll saxahapaw ~ 05.27.2017 (as previa 400x+blue slide film)

cool john ferguson + branchettes (as fuji sensia 100 warm) ll carrboro 05.27.2017

dengue fever ll carrboro arts center ll 4.24.2017

aurelio ~ shakori hills ll 05.06.2017

people who love cars - cedar grove, nc ll 05.13.2017

sarah shook & the disarmers~ shakori hills ll 05.04.2017

a random collection of black + whites taken with the legendary 2006 ricoh point-and-shoot

music inspired by the sounds of lake malawi lapping its shore - peter mawanga & the amaravi movement

fabi ~ shakori hills ll 05.2017

a rotating selection of favorites

White Rock Baptist Church Sunday School, 2-5-2017

White Rock Baptist Church Sunday School, 2-5-2017



chapel hill folks who detest trump (gallery)

afrocentric sunday, white rock baptist ~ 2.12.2017 (gallery)

a few from white rock baptist (gallery)

la parroquia san pablo (cuenca, ecuador) does a christmas shindig for the kids (gallery)

ajetreos callejeros/street hustlers (quito + la libertad) (gallery)

la parroquia san pablo christmas program ~ ruizho, ecuador (gallery)

288 photographs from ecuador ~ 12/2016 (gallery)

guns of ava (dance rehearsal) (gallery)

guns of ava ~ play night (gallery)

brenda wombe's 'guns of ava' (rehearsal) (gallery)

alejandro escovedo - carrboro 12-2-2016 (gallery)

dirty bourbon river show ~ shakori hills festival

diali cissokho & kaira ba ~ shakori hills

batuque trio nccu workshop

trump's troubled tribe ~ greensboro nc, 10/14/16 (gallery)

trio luna ~ shakori hills festival

klezbyterians ~ carrboro music festival 2016

rhonda robichaux band (weaver street)

bull city doc squad: howard alumni association tribute to mayor bill bell (bull city doc squad production)

jason bitten at the atl - 12/12/2016 (gallery)

carrboro farmers' market, july 2016 ~ as ekta 64 warm

bull city doc squad: keystone, wv reunion (fish fry)

jade's kids ~ may, 2016

tamarindo & environs ~ march 2016

jade's kids at the mall

sydney does folkmoot (as kodak ektachrome 64)

Bicycle Shop at Konandoga ~ Eldoret, Kenya

kenya 2011

road building at konandoga (small corner) ~ eldoret, kenya

faith assembly ~ durham, nc

keysone, wv / imaged as high contast kodak gold 100+

john dee holeman - freight train blues (as kodak 100+ contrast)

school of hard knocks - durham, nc / imaged as portra 160 vibrant

ish graduates

bull city doc squad: building sets at nccu for the national black theatre festival (bull city doc squad production)

frank fairfield ~ saxahawpaw, nc

little angels ~ durham, nc

cemetery ~ rio seco, costa rica

Surfing Avellanas, Costa Rica

bull city doc squad: upbuilding whitted, part 1

bull city doc squad: upbuilding whitted, part 2

In the House ~ Bull City Doc Squad

August 2015 ~ Tamarindo & Avellanas

oliver mtukudzi

bull city doc squad: tater cafe, durham nc

warehouse promo

US Gallery 2

103 keith road, carrboro (rental)