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About Me

Bruce dePyssler is a professor of communications in North Carolina. Trained in cultural anthroppology, he now teaches communication theory, photojournalism and desktop publishing/graphic design.

He earned his MA in communication and development, examining the economics of global tourism. His PhD was earned in cultural anthropology with research that examined nationalist discourse at three moments in Indian history: khadi cloth and the nationalist movement; radio for agricultural development in the 1950s; and a scooter advertising campaign in the liberalized economy of the 1980s that plays on nationalist sentiment.

The student newspaper he advises has won over 250 national awards under his guidance. In 2009 the National Conference of Editorial Writers awarded him the Barry Bingham Award for "an educator’s outstanding efforts to encourage minority students in the field of journalism." In 2010 dePyssler was awarded the top teaching award in the UNC University System, the Board of Governor's Award.

Working with students, dePyssler is the director/producer of two documentaries, "Upbuilding Whitted," a documentary about the building that served as Durham's first high school serving African Americans and which later became Whitted Juniior High, and "In the House," a documentary about the Durham Divas, a group of senior African American cheerleaders. He recently completed a short tribute to Durham mayor Bill Bell for the Howard Alumni Association. He is currently at work on a celebration video for White Rock Baptist's 150 anniversary and  a documentary about Keystone, a WV coal mining town.

brucedepyssler@gmail.com / 919.951.4088